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Who Needs Health and Safety & Fire Risk Assessments?

Are you a…

Business Owner?


Office Manager?

Freehold Apartment Block owner?

Residents Committee / Association?

If you are responsible for a property in which other people work, then they depend on you to keep them safe and you have a legal obligation to go so.

Prevent accidents, illness to any person working or visiting the property and protect yourself against personal injury complaints today!

Why do I need a Health & Safety or Fire Risk Assessment?

Keep your tenants or workforce safe, happy & productive.

Become Property Compliant.

Save money.

Protect yourself against personal injury complaints.

Here at Blue Risk, we are experienced in identifying and managing potential hazards in both residential and commercial properties.

Whether it’s public health risks, safety risks or fire risks, we have over 10 years experience assessing hazards and have helped 5000+ UK based clients in eliminating or minimising danger. We have offices in Nottingham. Essex and Birmingham.

When you use Blue Risk you also receive a full, extensive and unbiased report that will help you protect yourself and your tenants/staff going forward.

Keep your tenants safe and save money now…

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