Landlord Risk Assessment


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Residential Property Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Communal Areas and Managed Space

health and safety risk assessment is a precaution that careful and conscientious property managers take to protect themselves and the residents from hazards. Everyone can expect to take a certain amount of personable responsibility for their safety, but when you live in a communal block of flats /apartments your complete safety can be outside your control. Landlords, Management Company Directors, Freeholders and Property Managing Agents can be held liable for any injuries residents or visitors receive in communal areas of the property. A risk assessment is the first step towards protecting both parties.

Do I Need a Risk Assessment for all of my Properties?

A risk assessment is recommended for any property with communal areas. If you own or manage any property where there are communal areas, a hazard assessment is strongly encouraged.

If you see a health and safety risk in a communal area of your property, ask the person responsible for managing your property for a risk assessment and get the problem fixed.

Our ten years of risk assessment experience includes assessing a high number of residential blocks of flats and apartments. We at Blue Risk will provide you with the highest quality and most appropriate and professional risk assessment for your properties.

You can book a heath and safely risk assessment with us right now. An inspection is a sensible step towards protecting yourself and your tenants’ safety, and it is also legal requirement. However, as a landlord and a person responsible for the safety of others, having a risk assessment carried out is essential by law.