Health & Safety Risk Assessment


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Who needs a Health & Safety Risk Assessment?

Anybody who is responsible for…

A business or workplace

Ensure that you maintain a healthy and happy workforce whilst protecting your business

Blocks of apartments & estates

Any communal area in a residential property needs to be both safe and fully compliant

Building or managing properties

Managed space risk assessment will save you time and money

Why do I need a Health & Safety Risk Assessment?

It’s the law

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) any employer is legally required to carry out a full Health and Safety risk assessment in their workplace.

Keep your employees safe & happy

Regularly assessing risk factors maintains staff morale as they remain healthy and continually productive. You also greatly reduce the amount of sick leave caused by a poorly managed working environment.

Save money

A healthy and productive workforce means you get more out of your staff and manage to reduce costs. Becoming property compliant means protecting yourself against Personal Injury complaints and covering your back.

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What do I get?

A first class service from a company with 5000+ UK based clients

10 years experience

Here at Blue Risk, we produce a report that outlines all of your workplace risk factors so you can take immediate action and make your residential or commercial property a safer and more productive place.

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment from Blue Risk means employers are made aware of hazards from the off. You can then manage the risk before it becomes a problem or eliminate the hazard entirely. Get in touch and book your health & safety risk assessment today.