Risk Assessment to improve your property

Broaden the scope of your Risk Assessment to improve your property

Broaden your risk assessmentAn up to date risk assessment is a legal requirement for any property with communal areas, regardless of size. Not only is it necessary to be compliant with Health and Safety law, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you, your fellow residents and people who visit your estate are safe from harm.
A risk assessment in its most basic form should address the following 5 factors:

  • What are the hazards
  • Who is at risk
  • What precautions are needed (if any)
  • Record the assessment
  • Review and maintain the findings of your report.
  • All difficult tasks in themselves, but there are advantages to your property if you take your assessment further.

Environmental Risk Assessment
By incorporating environmental impact into your risk assessment, and publicising the fact that you are doing this, you can show yourself and your neighbours in a positive light. By demonstrating your acceptance of your responsibility to environmental issuses by considering them in your risk assessment, your community will like and respect your ethos. By making your development a role model for others in residential blocks and estates you will encourage others to follow your example and make efforts to make their residences more environmentally friendly, which has got to be good news for everybody.

Landlord Risk Assessment
By going beyond the bare minimum legal requirements in your risk assessment you are demonstrating that your residence is conscientious and thorough – both traits that potential new neighbours and members of the wider community would want to see in their area. It may not be a direct benefiting you, but by broadening the scope of your risk assessment you are helping to make your estate and neighbourhood a more pleasant and desirable place to live, which in turn will drive up property prices and attract more likeminded individuals to further increase the positive effects. Broaden the scope of your risk assessment for your residential apartment block or estate and see the long term benefits to you, your family and the wider neighbourhood.